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In this issue:



1. Update of the list of Threatened aromatic plants used in the aroma industry, perhaps the largest report that Cropwatch has yet undertaken. Please notify any corrections or clarifications you may have to info@cropwatch.org


Download pdf here 


 We intend to follow this with a list of ‘non-aromatic’ threatened species used in the cosmetic industry (currently in preparation).


2. We have also been given permission to feature a presentation by Professor Jurgen Reichling of the University of Heidelberg given at the 38th ISEO Symposium in Graz in Sept 2007, entitled “External application of essential oils in animals.” Given the lack of academic presentations in the field of animal aromatherapy, we think this is a worthy inclusion, and hope it will lead to further features.


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Download ppt. presentation here


3. In addition we feature a presentation by Dr. Hassan Khalid et. al. of CIMAP on “Trade of Sudanese natural medicinals and their role in human & wildlife healthcare” first given to the 3rd WCAMP meeting in Thailand. Hassan’s team give a realistic account of Sudanese medicinal & aromatic plants & traditional healers shops illustrated with some fascinating slides, and we hope to see more material from CIMAP via Hassan’s excellent work.


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Download ppt. presentation here



4. We were hoping to feature Robert Tisserand’s address from the Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference in Denver, Colorado October 2007 “Challenges Facing Essential Oil Therapy: Proof of Safety”, but permissions haven’t come through in time. Hopefully we can feature this its original or reported form at a later date, since Robert raises some important issues in his address, which we think need to be explored further.









Co-founder of Cropwatch, Tony Burfield, has been invited to give an address to the UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) Cosmetics Forum in Brussels on 9th November 2007, describing Cropwatch's activities in the aromatic sector, & focusing on the difficulties that SME's (micro-, Small & Medium sized Enterprises) have with the existing European Cosmetics Directive, its seven amendments and its forty or so technical adaptations to progress, with a view to its ultimate simplification. A Simplification of the Cosmetics Directive has been proposed to improve the competitiveness of industry within the EU, the world’s largest cosmetic market.



Some interesting questions on this proposed Simplification have been raised by the EU Commissioners during an earlier Public Consultation, which bear a strange similarity to the criticisms Cropwatch has previously made of the protocols for existing cosmetics regulation (!). These include seeking industry’s attitudes to the safety of cosmetic ingredients on a risk/benefit analysis basis, and asking for opinions on whether the safety of a finished cosmetic product as an entity, rather than based on a safety evaluation of the individual ingredients. Perhaps you can understand why a strange sense of déjà vu is coming over us…. 



As there was insufficient room to include all the material we wanted to include in this Newsletter edition, we are holding it over until next time. So more soon!





The Cropwatch Team

November 2007