Cropwatch Newsletter 4 - Red Alert Issue

§4. Tagetes Update.


Although Cropwatch attempted to alert all those in industry concerned with Tagetes photo-toxicology studies, following the SCCP Opinion on Tagetes oil SCCP/0869/05, that the involved terminology (e.g. ‘flower oil’) and admittable species needed bringing into the year 2006, no notice seems to have been taken by trade data-gatherers. We therefore have a situation where one section of industry agrees with Cropwatch, and another section follows ‘the party line’ over meaningless product descriptions & inadequate botanical nomenclature for submission to those charged with gathering this information. Cropwatch has decided to leave them to it - presumably one day they will be forced to change, as were the Alchemists over phlogiston and the Philosophers Stone. 


Further, in spite of the fact that Cropwatch has illustrated there isn’t a problem with Tagetes as far as literature indications go, career toxicologists are busy designing in vitro tests to justify their existence by showing that there might just be. As previously noted, we are trying to resist the idea that Cropwatch carries out yet another end-user survey to establish that actually there isn’t a problem at the user-end, but just in case, we have identified therapists using Tagetes oils for various presented skin problems, And of course, you guessed it, a brief initial (non-scientific) poll of these individuals suggests no observed adverse photo-toxic reactions.


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